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Character Really Defines Who Our Buddies Are

Valley High School, Chapter President

Valley High School Best Buddies Royalty -- Lauren Grace, Josh McGuire and Abbie Kliegl
Character really defines a person on who they are. Many of us don’t show our true character until a drastic moment occurs, good or bad.

Every kid involved in the Best Buddies program (peer or buddy) has a character worth remembering. Its something that makes them unique, makes them who they are.

I wish I could meet every one of them face to face and personally thank them for being a part of best buddies.

Because of their character and the way the present themselves, is the reason why best buddies makes a difference in people’s lives.

Recently we had Best Buddy prom. It was a great turnout, and the theme, as well as the decorations were phenomenal! With all the dancing, snacking and socializing, the end of the night came with the crowning for prom king and queen. Schools were being called, and kids were being crowned. Then Valley High School was called.

Josh McGuire and Abbie Kliegl were the two nominated for the school. As the awards were finished, everyone continued to dance the night away. But in the shadows, a buddy from Valley high school was crushed at the thought of not being crowned prom queen.

Valleys original prom queen, Abbie Kliegl noticed that her friend and classmate was truly upset by the decision. Next thing you know, Abbie lifted the crown out of her hair and placed it on Lauren. “You can be prom queen too,” she said. By then Lauren was the happiest girl in the world.

Abbie had offered Lauren her crown and was later rewarded with a crown of her own. The selflessness coming from Abbie was indescribable. It takes a true person with genuine character to give up such a prize, but she cared more about not hurting others that she sacrificed her own wants. Valley ended up with one prom king, Josh McGuire, and TWO prom queens, Abbie Kliegl and Lauren Grace.

In the end both girls were crowned but the thought at Abbie was willing to give it up to a friend who most desperately wanted it just as much as her, will be an action never forgotten. I’m proud to call Abbie my buddy and that she has such genuine feelings for others. She is truly one of a kind.
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