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  • 2014 Chef Challenge
  • The 2014 Chef Challenge was a banner night for Best Buddies Iowa, as it was the organization’s best fundraiser to date, bringing in nearly $95,000 that will go to support programs!
  • 2014 Best Buddies Leadership Conference
  • The 2014 25th annual Best Buddies Leadership Conference was an amazing, inspirational extended weekend for Best Buddies Iowa’s 40 student leaders, which was made up of 7 Ambassadors, 8 College students, and 25 High School students from the state of Iowa...
  • Best Buddies Month Wrap-Up
  • n Iowa, Best Buddies Month was marked by the launching of the I Choose campaign, which encouraged participants to make the choice to be a friend, leader, and to take the pledge to not use the r-word...
  • Local Leadership Council
  • This past winter brought about the exciting formation of the first ever Best Buddies Local Leadership Council for the state of Iowa!
  • Tailgate Party
  • Students from all over the metro came together on a wintry Iowan day into the cozy, inviting doors of the familiar Valley Community Center in search of some Best Buddies fun…and they definitely found it...
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