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Shooting Stars Cheer team and Best Buddies Iowa
Laura Holms
Shooting Stars Cheer team features kids with IDD and Best Buddies Iowa... Date: 2/5/2013

Best Buddies Friendship Walk welcomes our honorary chairs Tyler Sash & Jessica Versteeg
Laura Holms
Sign up your team today and join us at the Friendship Walk! Date: 2/3/2013

High School Insider: Valley swimmer Abbie Kliegl inspires spectators
Tommy Birch
At the start of each West Des Moines Valley girls’ swimming meet, opposing fans find themselves cheering against the Tigers. By the end of the night, the two sides are always cheering together... Date: 10/14/2012

Best Buddies Valley High School Mascot Home Run Derby
Laura Holms
Best Buddies Iowa schools participate in the Valley High School Home Run Derby... Date: 10/8/2012

Best Buddies Iowa Friendship Walk/5K & Day at the Iowa Cubs!
Laura Holms
Despite a cold and rainy day, more than 350 people gathered to walk in support of those living with an intellectual or developmental disability... Date: 5/12/2012

Buddy Talent 2012 - Win a Trip to Perform at Leadership Conference
Best Buddies International
Best Buddies would like to showcase the gifts of our participants with intellectual and developmental disabilities by hosting an online talent contest. We invite our participants with disabilities to submit a video featuring their talent(s)... Date: 4/3/2012

Best Buddies Chapters Lobby At The State Capitol To Remove The R-Word From State Legislation
Laura Holms
Best Buddies Chapters helped lobby at the State Capitol to remove the R-Word from state legislation... Date: 3/20/2012

City High Leader Welcomes Diversity
Max Friedman
As the president of City High’s Best Buddies chapter, Francesca Crutchfield-Stoker proves to be a model student... Date: 3/4/2012

The ‘R’ Word Is Officially Yanked From Iowa Law
Des Moines Register
As the president of City High’s Best Buddies chapter, Francesca Crutchfield-Stoker proves to be a model student... Date: 3/4/2012

Take the pledge to end use of the ‘R’-word
Mark A. Reed & Laura Holms
The word hurts, even if it is not directed at a person with intellectual and developmental disabilities... Date: 3/2/2012

Best Buddies Iowa Chef Challenge
Laura Holms
Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse and Country Club Market win the 2011 Best Buddies Iowa Chef Challenge... Date: 10/14/2011

Iowa Buddy Ambassadors meet with Anthony Kennedy Shriver
Laura Holms
Ben Meyer and Danielle Kraayenbrink, Best Buddies Iowa Ambassadors met with Best Buddies Founder Anthony Kennedy Shriver at the annual Leadership Conference... Date: 10/14/2011

Meredith Special Interest Media partners with Best Buddies Iowa
Laura Holms
Carlos Avecedo, senior food editor with Meredith Special Interest Media, teamed up with his Buddy, Carmen Parrott, to create an exciting dish for the Best Buddies Chef Challenge... Date: 10/14/2011

Chick-fil-A Spirit Nights to benefit Best Buddies Iowa
Laura Holms
Summer is a busy time and Best Buddies Iowa and Chick-fil-A want to make sure you and your Buddies don’t lose touch! Date: 5/10/2011

13Cares: Best Buddies
Erin Kiernan
High School proms sometimes leave some students out, but a local group is making sure everyone and their buddies have a night of glitz and glamour... Date: 5/5/2010

Michigan Athletes Mingle, Play With Special Needs Children Contributor
About 375 special athletes from all over Washtenaw County converged in Crisler Arena to meet and learn sport skills from University of Michigan student-athletes... Date: 3/28/2010

Dirty Little Six-letter Word
Samantha Foster
Some University students are dedicated to raising awareness about something they see as a common problem: the use of the word "retard..." Date: 3/4/2010

Best Buddies Program Offers Lifelong Relationships, Lessons For Students
Sherri Keaton
There are 100 involved in CMU’s program — 50 students and 50 "buddies." Students in the program must have one-on-one outings at least once a month and make contact with their buddy once a week by phone, e-mail or through the mail... Date: 2/1/2010

We Are Best Buddies: Join Our Global Movement!
Best Buddies International
In 2001, Best Buddies International (BBI) made a commitment to enhance the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities around the world by setting a goal to expand our programs into 50 countries by the end of 2010... Date: 1/5/2010

Best Buddies A Big Hit
Marleen Linares
As Laura Vukelich and Erin Schubert sat in a local ice-cream shop talking and laughing, they raised their arms to touch their fists together. “Best friends forever,” Schubert said with a bright smile on her face. “And ever and ever,” Vukelich responded reassuringly... Date: 12/17/2009

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